25 February, 2009

New dream machine – half way complete…

I just got system update with AMD Phonem X4 2.3 GHz with ASUS M3A78 with HDMI port, while

Keyboard was old one, which It was not too good

to use (as I used Dell before). Few day Back, I got chance to update keyboard and today I got

Dell Multimedia Keyboard. It was big add to my

typing and quite good/easy to use. 2-USB port

were available on keyboard, so it works as Hub also. Finally My Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor are


Following configration, I felt best in machine:

*) AMD Phonem X4 9650,

*) ATI Radeon 2600HD,

*) ASUS M3A78 with HDMI Port, 8USB, 1 Firmware port, ATI onboard graphics. 1066Mhz Bus speed.


Following I still want to update with latest


*) 2GB RAM 800Mhz –> 4GB RAM 1066Mhz

*) 320GB 7200RPM HDD –> 32/64GB SSD MLC

(I asked for SSD Drive, which can’t get in Pune. Finally I asked one of my US Friend to help, but now)

*) Cabinet –> I Don’t like my cabinet. it should be

simple and Black, but now it has Digital Display at front and Colored. Dell’s Cabinets are very cool,

  but very hard to get:-(

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