14 February, 2010

MS Office Bug for Punjabi Rendering…

After many year, I was working on Microsoft

Word/Power Point. version it 2007 (2010 Beta),

both has common problem for Punjabi (Gurmukhi)

rendering. While Input Character with Bindi

(ਸ/ਗ/ਜ/ਫ/ਲ) and use (਼) with it, then input

any dependent vowel, it delete the (਼)


ਗ + ਼ + ੀ = ਗੀ

it is happening only with Office only,

while WordPad and NotePad is ok.

is here and Test case is below.



Character + Bindi + Dependant Vowel = Resutl

Failed Case

ਸ + ਼ + ਾ = ਸ਼ਾ
ਖ + ਼ + ੈ= ਖ਼ੈ
ਗ + ਼ + ਿ = ਗ਼ਿ
ਜ + ਼ + ੀ = ਜ਼ਿ
ਲ + ਼ + ੁ = ਲ਼ੁ
ਫ + ਼ + ੇ = ਫ਼ੇ


ਸ਼ + ਾ= ਸ਼ਾ
ਖ਼ + ੈ=ਖ਼ੈ
ਗ਼ + ਿ=ਗ਼ਿ
ਜ਼ + ੀ=ਜ਼ੀ
ਲ਼ + ੁ=ਲ਼ੁ
ਫ਼ + ੇ=ਫ਼ੇ


Try to delete and paste Dependent Vowel at end.

Don’t know how to Find Revision/Version of MS Office and how to report to Microsoft:-(


Anonymous said...

I remember this, it's caused by an auto-correction setting. It can be disabled in the Options for MS Word, but I can't check right now as it's not installed on this PC.

I do remember reporting it a long time ago to Microsoft - I don't know why they added it.


A S Alam said...

I wonder not because of issue, but people are using MS Office and never face this issue? Either they never use Office based on Unicode Rendering or
just don't care. I know many people who
are making such blame in Unicode.
Either way, If possible let MS know
once again as Office 2010 going to effect again.
ਸ਼/ਲ਼ are directly available, but ਜ਼
not available in inscript, so it
is effecting work (if someuse inscript).

Hardeep Singh Mann said...
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Hardeep Singh Mann said...

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